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Ducted Air Conditioning Rockingham
Why it’s important to choose your air-conditioning from a specialist
Big generalist retailers advertise everything from furniture and bedding to electrical appliances, computers and even air conditioning. But what does the salesman really know about the technicalities of air-conditioning? Sure they’ll ask you about the size of your room and what kind of air-conditioning you want but are they qualified to find the perfect fit for you and your family’s home or your business premises?

At AAPL we recognise that not every house is the same, not every building is the same. People have very distinct living styles. Air-conditioning has to fit with that.

It’s very important to get it right!

Air conditioning is a long-term solution not a quick-fix on a hot day.

Ducted Air Conditioning Rockingham

Ducted Air Conditioning Rockingham

That’s why we wrote The Guide “Don’t Buy Air-conditioning Until You Find Out the 5 Biggest Mistakes Most People Make”. If you’d like a FREE copy of it just email us at or call us on 9592 9099 and we’ll send it to you.

What makes us AAPL (Australian Air-conditioning Professionals) the experts?
We’ve been helping people get cool clean fresh air – and warm air too – in their homes, small commercial building and offices since 2008. Our office is located in Rockingham and, while we do a lot of local work, we also operate from Perth to Mandurah and surrounding areas.

A good proportion of our work comes from word of mouth from happy customers.We have built our reputation on supplying quality systems, with expert advice, installation and workmanship, and reliable after sales service.

We delve deeper into your needs – not just the measurements of your room. We want to know more about the area to be air-conditioned; aspect is critical – north, south east or west facing – how cool or how warm the rooms are already. We take into consideration the construction, building materials, insulation, window tinting– any little quirks the rooms may have. We consider the best installation methods, the interior and exterior fittings, and where to site the air-conditioner to minimise noise.

“Don’t Buy Air-conditioning Until You Find Out the 5 Biggest Mistakes Most People Make”. For your FREE copy, just email us at or call us on 9592 9099 and we’ll send it to you.

There is a huge amount of choice and information ranging from advice from family and friends to detailed information on the internet. It can get confusing so before you take any advice speak to us at AAPL air conditioning.

We take pride in always giving the best advice from our experience and providing solutions to make you and your family or your customers and your workers comfortable.



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