About ACDC LED Lighting

ACDC LED Lighting is a family owned business located in the Brisbane Western Suburbs with our main show room located in Sumner Park. We specialise in Led Lighting systems for both home and commercial use and also stock a large range of Solar, Electrical and Air Conditioning Systems with over 36 years combined experience in these industries.

ACDC Led Lights is totally committed to helping you to increase your usage of renewable energy systems giving you back control of your energy usage all while thinking about climate change and reducing your carbon footprint.

We are constantly updating our Renewable Energy knowledge to provide the highest quality products and systems at competitive prices to our customers. We are a company you can believe in that gives you professional and sound advice. All our work is carried out by licensed and accredited tradespersons.
Of course, where possible, we can also give you the information needed to do it yourself.

For More Information Call Us - 07 3376 - 5777