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A Tradition of Excellence

Welcome to the Sir William Bentley Billiards website. Move the marker above to view some of the finest Antique billiard tables in the world, beautiful Classic & Contemporary designs for stylish Snooker & Pool, and a range of dual-purpose dining & playing tables that are in a class of their own.

Find out about Sir William Bentley Billiards and our tradition for excellence as the world’s leading maker and restorer of tables. Look into our design capabilities, see what materials are available and learn about our worldwide export facilities.

Let us help you to find or design the table that best suits you and team it with a selection of striking accessories. From co-ordinating dining chairs, commissioned cabinets and ingenious dual-purpose tables to pool, snooker, and billiard balls, scoreboards, cue racks and cues, through specially designed lighting and billiard room furniture, Sir William Bentley Billiards can supply your needs. We offer you the largest and widest range of antique and newly designed tables available.

The choice is yours…