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All Boomrangs

  • Raw wood boomerangs

    Raw wood boomerangs
  • Aboriginal art boomerangs

    Aboriginal art boomerangs
  • Promotional boomerangs

    Promotional boomerangs
  • Our traditional range

    Our traditional range
  • Special boomerangs

    Special boomerangs
  • Indoor / Outdoor foam

    Indoor / Outdoor foam

Wycheproof Boomerangs

Specialising in the manufacture and sales of quality Australian made returning boomerangs since 1973. Welcome to Wycheproof Boomerangs a leading boomerang supplier in Australia. Here you will find Australian made returning boomerangs for sale. Our Boomerang range includes:

  • Raw wood boomerangs
  • Promotional boomerangs
  • Aboriginal art boomerangs
  • Our traditional range
  • Special boomerangs
  • Indoor/ outdoor foam


  • As always a boomerang made by the Wycheproof boomerang crew is a delight to throw

     Wycheproof boomerangs fly exceptionally + are suitable for everyone from a beginner to the expert

    Australian National boomerang throwing coach

    Victorian Academy of Boomerangs 

    Bruce Carter

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