Explainer video process

1. Brief

Complete our Animated Explainer Video Discovery Brief. These are targeted questions we use to find out your companys story for the video.

2. Discovery

Our writing team will have a ‘Discovery Call’ with you via GotoMeeting or Skype to discuss your Explainer Video Brief response. We like to call this ‘data dumping’, we funnel all the information into our labs and start the video script & video storyboard development.

3. Script & storyboard Development

This phase will provide the written script that tells the narrative story and develop an illustrated storyboard of the key scenes that later will be animated in the video

4. Voice Over Review

We will audition a number of voice-over actors and provide you with our top 4 - 6. You will review/select the voice-over actor that you like the best for your Explainer video.

5. Explainer Video Production and Review

Voice-over of the script will be recorded. Animation will be developed around the approved video storyboard. You will review a rough cut animated video in Wistia. Wistia allows you to add time-coded comments/revisions that we will implement for the final explainer video.

6. Sound Design

Once the animated video has been approved we send it to our audio lab for sound effects, music and mastering.

7. Delivery

We deliver your shiny new Explainer video by way of file transfer through Wistia, in any rendered file format needed.