London's First Electric Combi Boilers

Direct from manufacturer

Electra Electric Combi Boilers & Central Heating Boilers Installation in London, UK

Electric Boilers Company together with Fiamma has devised an innovative solution to provide installations and sale of electric combi boilers. Our ground-breaking experience in the industry enables us to provide you with impeccable boiler installations. Users can save money on running costs, servicing, repairs, parts and installation. The aim of this venture is to simplify the installation of electric combi boilers in the UK whilst assuring the users of high quality and optimum safety. Elektra boilers come with all components built in and are easy to install and operate.

Boilers running on electricity are safer and more convenient than those running on fossil fuels as there is no gas being burnt and thus no Carbon Monoxide emission, no fuel, no condensate, no residue and no gas safe certificate required. Technologically sound proof and housing modern components inside, the Elektra boiler simplifies the process of providing hot water and adds to the efficiency. An efficient boiler with practically no residue is an utter bliss for the owner and the supplier. Such boilers are easy to clean and take a little of labour for their maintenance.