Problem that instigated the idea

“ We provide best health services and consultation, but people are unable to find us online. I wonder why? ”
“ I just spotted a bad review from unsatisfied costumer, if only there could be a way to get them all in one place ”
“ I bake finest cakes in town. Kids on my block just love them! But people still don't know my bakery ”
“ We just bought a new place! But now I will have to search for all my business listings and update them ”
“ I am a florist, I wonder how people will find me online? Where do I start listing my business? ”
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Ideas are built into products

that helps your business being recognized in 2 simple steps

Get Precise & Accurate ToDo list

Benefits using Local RankWatch

Reviews Aggregated

Agency Portfolio

Profile Analysis

Citation Analysis

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ToDo List

Reviews Aggregated

Reviews Aggregated

Get all your reviews in once place. Unlimited Reviews tracked weekly across all your citations and profiles so you will never miss out a single word from your precious client/customer ever again !